Pretend you’ve got it together!

I know I keep writing about how I basically do nothing on the weekend and then I temporarily feel OK because during the week I feel all rundown and crazy, but I’m gonna do it again! This past weekend I went to my parents’ cottage after promising to go for weeks and then not going. It’s actually super nice once I’m there, but for some reason it’s hard for me to get up the momentum to drive a whole hour away to St. Andrews just to hang out on a couch and play Scrabble with my parents (I beat them twice; all my online Scrabble playing has paid off). I would like to post pictures of the cottage, but my parents are crazy afraid of the internet and they won’t let me take pictures of their stuff for some reason, so I’m going to have to wait until some day when I’m there without them or they go for a long walk without me or something. I did manage to take one picture of me in a nautical-inspired outfit, and you can at least see a glimpse of my mom’s homemade seashell decor that basically covers every square inch of the place.


The best thing about the cottage is that I feel so drowsy when I’m there. I pretty much slept the entire time, so when I got home on Sunday I was feeling totally rested for the first time in a million years. It turns out that sleeping properly is a good way to feel like things are OK! I already knew that cleaning, a thing that I hate to do and will probably always hate to do, is another good way to feel like I’ve got it together. So I did that a bit when I got home. Also! Flowers!



A person who has flowers is totally stable and calm and not stressed, that is just a fact, obviously. And check out my adorable new owl vase – it was a birthday present from my friend Natalie. Love it!

Also, I cooked again. The good thing about cooking in a slow cooker is I can make a ton of food and then I have lunch for the whole week and then that’s another thing I don’t have to think about and I love not thinking about stuff! This time I made chicken meatballs using this recipe.



Once again I replaced turkey with chicken because I can never find turkey at the goddamn grocery store for some reason! Maybe I don’t completely have it together yet. I’ll know I’ve really made it when I successfully buy turkey, I guess.

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What to Wear: on a casual coffee date

what to wear

The theme of this week’s What to Wear is an outfit for a casual coffee date. This was way more stressful for me than it should have been! My thought process was like this: “OK, so I’m going on a coffee date, which means it’s a first date, because I don’t really like, drink coffee or hang out in coffee shops, but if I don’t know someone well, I’m a fan of meeting them in public during daylight hours to ensure he isn’t an axe murderer. So I want to be casual, but also this fictional person I’m going on this date with doesn’t really know me yet probably so I need to show my personality through my outfit (duh) so he isn’t like, ‘wait, this girl is super weird’ in like, two weeks.”

Um. Isn’t it super shocking that I’m single?


Just being totally casual.

Anyway, I have actually worn this dress on a casual coffee date before because it’s cute, but also super comfortable and I wear it all the time. But of course, I need to wear patterned tights with it too. Otherwise HOW WILL ANYONE KNOW THAT I’M A QUIRKY AND SPECIAL SNOWFLAKE???

Ugh, my face looked stupid.

Ugh, my face looked stupid.

Tights & shoes.

Tights & shoes.

Dress: Pseudio
Tights: Modcloth
Cardigan: H&M
Shoes: Macy’s
Belt: Modcloth
Necklace: H&M

Wanna see what everyone else is wearing on their casual coffee dates? Head to Nicole’s blog to find out!

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Honestly, Marlon Brando screaming “Stellllaaaaaaa!” in A Streetcar Named Desire was basically the highlight of my life. I vaguely knew it was coming, but it was still awesome. “I have always depended on the kindness of strangers” on the other hand? Wow! Kind of a super crazy dark moment! Was not entirely expecting that. Anyway. Here are the movies I watched this month for my AFI’s 100 Years…100 Movies project this month.


Apocalypse Now (1979). I mean…can I just say, this was kind of a bummer? It was all so dark and long, which I guess is appropriate since it’s about the Vietnam War, but ugh. Basically Martin Sheen is some U.S. army guy who has to go find this other army guy who went insane and has created his own army in the jungle or something. I don’t know, I kind of completely lost interest and did I mention this was really long? So much war, war takes a long time, the Vietnam War was extra crappy and stupid, the end.


Raging Bull (1980). I was pleasantly surprised that this was not totally about boxing. I mean, it was about boxing, I just thought there would be MORE boxing. I hate war and sports, how female of me. Anyway. Robert De Niro is basically this rageaholic boxer and his brother/manager is Joe Pesci, and you’d better not ever talk to Robert De Niro’s wife, because he will probably murder you and also his wife. He’s this aggressive boxer who’s completely held back by his own jealousy and insecurity. It’s violent and depressing and makes for a great and powerful movie.

 It Happened One Night

It Happened One Night (1934). OK, time for something a bit more positive. It turns out in ’30s you could kidnap your daughter and trap her on a boat if you don’t like her new husband! That happens to a socialite played by Claudette Colbert, but then she escapes from her super rich father and meets up with journalist Clark Gable, who agrees to take her across the country to her husband in exchange for a story. OBVIOUSLY they fall in love and get into some shenanigans. It was all very fun and cute, although I didn’t super love how Clark kept calling her a brat before he even knew her? Rude!


Vertigo (1958). WOW! It’s so ridiculous that I had not seen this before, Vertigo is the best! Jimmy Stewart plays a retired detective who had to leave his job after his vertigo prevents him from saving the life of another officer. He’s hired by Kim Novak’s husband to tail her…she’s been acting strangely and her husband is convinced she’s possessed. What follows is for sure the best psychological thriller I’ve ever seen. It was so weird and good and awesome, you should probably just watch it if you are a dummy like me and have not seen it yet. Man, Hitchcock was so excellent at what he did, good for him!


Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981). Ehh. I thought this was pretty overrated. I mean, it was FINE, but I didn’t think it was super awesome or interesting or anything. Basically Indiana Jones takes on a bunch of Nazis in a race to uncover this biblical artifact that they believe is buried in Egypt. I don’t know, I didn’t love it. There was this one part where everyone’s faces melt, that was fun. Also, Indy’s main weapon is a whip, so that seems practical!


A Streetcar Named Desire (1951). This was another really great, captivating movie that I very much enjoyed. Man, Marlon Brando was sooooo attractive! He plays a total asshole monster person named Stanley, who’s married to Stella (Kim Hunter). Stella’s sister, fading Southern belle Blanche (Vivien Leigh) comes to stay with them. She’s pretty desperate, and terrified about aging; she depends on male attention and needs someone to take care of her. She and Stan DO NOT GET ALONG SO WELL and it does not turn out very well, but still, great movie. Remember? STELLLLLAAAAAA!

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Weekend recharge

Last week was not the best! I was just so exhausted and sick and cranky, and it all led to me having a minor breakdown. SO! I decided to spend the weekend doing low-key but productive things, and I was pretty successful. Actually, in addition to cleaning my apartment, watching a couple movies for my AFI project and buying groceries, I accomplished TWO major things. That’s a lot for one weekend!

First, I used my brand new Crock-Pot for the first time and made chicken stew. Now, if you know me, you’ve probably heard me claim to be incapable of cooking on numerous occasions. Obviously that’s not true, and anyone CAN cook; I just really dislike expending much effort, and cooking seems like effort. But lately I’ve been getting tired of eating the same three or four things all the time, and I decided the easiest way to expand my repertoire was to buy a slow cooker.



It turns out it was pretty easy! I just had to cut up a couple things and dump them into the slow cooker for about seven hours and then I had stew and now I will have lunch this week! It actually tastes pretty good, too. I think I cooked it a little bit too long, and I possibly filled the Crock-Pot a bit too much, but in general, I’m pretty impressed for the first time. Here is the recipe I used. I pretty much followed it, except I used chicken instead of turkey, and I basically just used less broth since I have a smaller slow cooker. That whole site is pretty great, I will probably try some of the other recipes soon.



The other thing I did this weekend was finish cleaning out my storage closet. I have been putting this off for sooo long. Remember back in January when I went on an organizing kick? Yeah, I kind of lost momentum for a while. This was mostly because I only have one actual closet in my apartment, and it was a total mess. Here’s what it looked like before:

Oh. My. God.

Oh. My. God.

So that’s not normal probably! First I got a shoe rack to take care of my disastrous shoe problem. I have a tiny area of free space by my front door (yay!) so I put it there.



Then I threw out a whole bunch of stuff, and it turned out like this:

So much better.

So much better.

Seriously, did I mention this is my only closet? I’m pretty impressed with myself. Now I just need to fix the cords around my TV. Currently they are masking taped together, and let’s just say if I ever need to unplug my DVD player for some reason, it isn’t going to be pretty.

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Birthday suit

I have developed this really bad cold in the last two days, which is seriously impeding my ability to think or string sentences together. But my birthday was fun! I saw many of my friends and we went to one of my fave restaurants and had some drinks and went dancing. Also, I used some of my birthday money to buy a new outfit! It is not a dress; this is very unlike me.

Shirt: Envy
Jacket: Simons
Jeans: Winners
Necklace: Silver Daisy (local)
Shoes: Macy’s
Purse: Coach
Sunglasses: Modcloth

So proud of myself! It is exhausting putting together an outfit that is not a dress and a cardigan, I have no idea how people do it. Also, I now own coloured skinnies, whaaat? I don’t even know who I am anymore.

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Today is my birthday, so I feel like I should acknowledge that with a blog post!



I’m 27 now, so I thought about doing one of those posts that the real serious bloggers do where they come up with 27 things they’ve learned or something, but I definitely do not know 27 things. Maybe eight things, absolute max. You should never take advice from me, unless it’s about a good TV series to watch in its entirety over the course of two days (Party Down!) or what pattern matches houndstooth (more houndstooth! leopard print! literally anything!).

Honestly, the last birthday I particularly cared about one way or the other was when I turned 20 and I was SO UPSET about not being a teenager anymore. Seriously, I was devastated. It feels like it was several lifetimes ago, although in reality I guess it was only seven years. Anyway, since then I’ve been pretty indifferent, although I do think 27 is a good number because it’s three cubed and I like the number three and that’s a totally normal and not vaguely OCD thing to think about, don’t judge me.

Not to hate on 26 or anything, it’s been pretty OK. I was promoted to my current job and I moved to my hometown (which is only an hour away from where I was living before, so it was a pretty minor move but still) and I have the best apartment ever in my whole life and yesterday I bought a slow cooker! Yeah, it’s basically all happening for me. Also, I’m having dinner with my fam tonight and I’m celebrating with friends from Fredericton and Saint John on the weekend. Birthdays!

Oh, and I’m skipping What to Wear this week. The theme is exercise clothes and I…don’t exercise. I guess I could show you my ski clothes? That’s boring. I actually thought about recreating the look from the video below, but it seemed like a lot of effort for a joke. Watch this video anyway, and remember to exuhcise your body’s eight billion muscles, including your sense of dignity.

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Some important art I made

So, right after I posted about Roger Ebert’s death, one of my other favourite “celebrities” died. The man they called Reveen! I don’t know if people who aren’t from the Maritimes know who Reveen was. He was basically this cheesy, over-the-top hypnotist guy who toured through this area, like, alllll the time and made commercials like this:

So I mean, obviously he’s amazing, and I even saw him with my whole family back in 2008! My dad and my sister and I loved him – the whole thing was ridiculous, obviously, but in a hilarious and entertaining sort of way. My mom hated it for some reason. She insisted it was all fake, which, I don’t know, maybe it was! That’s beside the point. Reveen was a total professional showman, and he was a blast to watch.

Me and Reveen

Me and Reveen

Anyway, when he died last week I was kind of really bummed. I have this thing where I get attached to obscure celebrities and become kind of invested in them and I feel like that’s pretty normal and not weird at all. I’ll never forget Reveen.

But in happier news, I’ve been making “art!” I’m not really, like, artistic and I can’t really draw or whatever, but I’ve been drawing anyway! I’ve been drawing pictures of female characters from movies I like. I’ve only been drawing women because, while I can’t really draw anything, I REALLY can’t draw men. Now I’m going to show you my crappy drawings. I’m not sure if it’s apparent, but there isn’t a whole lot going on with me right now. Enjoy…?

Margot from The Royal Tenenbaums.

Margot from The Royal Tenenbaums.

Becky and Enid from Ghost World.

Becky and Enid from Ghost World.

Clementine from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

Clementine from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

Basically this is a list of my past and future Halloween costumes. Who knows what film I’ll apply my immeasurable talents to next! I’m thinking…Mean Girls.

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Missing Roger Ebert

By now it’s been a few days since Roger Ebert’s death, and everyone has written everything there is to write about him, but I still have to talk a bit about how genuinely sad I was when I heard he had died.


I’m not a person who’s usually affected by the deaths of famous people, but Ebert has influenced me as a writer, a film reviewer/lover and just in general as a human being. As a kid I sometimes watched Siskel and Ebert at the Movies; later, I regularly watched Ebert and Roeper at the Movies. But it was after Ebert lost his ability to speak due to cancer that I really started paying attention to what he was saying. I checked his film reviews online every week, because I cared about his opinion more than any other reviewer. I didn’t always agree with him, but even when Ebert hated a movie, he discussed it as objectively as possible, weighing its pros and cons carefully, and considering the intended audience before determining whether a film was a failure or a success. That’s something I at least try to do in my own reviews (although obviously I’m not even within the same stratosphere of talent as Roger Ebert).

The man’s passion for film came through in every review, no matter how small and forgettable, or how grand and influential. And reading Ebert’s words on Twitter or on his blog, it was clear he had a passion for life, too. Despite his deteriorating health, Ebert continued to think and write positively, using the internet as a form of expression, and sharing his opinions with thousands of people. He often wrote about his personal struggles – the changes to his own appearance, his loss of speech – were always so honest, sad and compelling.

I always liked and admired him, but it was when he championed my favourite film ever, Synecdoche, New York, that I really felt a sense of kinship with Ebert. Most people haven’t seen it, and most people who I know who did see it didn’t like it, so when I find someone who likes it as much as I do, it feels special. He was special, and just last week, when I read his blog post about taking a leave of presence, I felt genuinely concerned. I was saddened, and felt a genuine sense of loss a couple of days later when I learned he had died at the age of 70.

ShoWest 2009 - Day 4

The outpouring that has occurred since he died demonstrates just how much Ebert meant to so many people. I know I’m going to miss reading his reviews every week, seeing his tweets and even just checking out links he recommended. He was a great reviewer and a great man, and I’m unlikely to encounter another film reviewer I respect and admire quite so much.

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What to Wear: to work

what to wear

Yep, it’s that time again! This week, the theme is work outfits. To be honest, I wear pretty much the same clothes at work that I wear the rest of the time. My standard outfit in every facet of my life is a dress, tights and cardigan. Still, I try not to be too boring, even if I rarely stray from that uniform. I’m an editor, and I feel like since my job is fairly creative my penchant for bright colours and bold patterns is fairly appropriate.

Casually reading the magazine I edit.

Casually reading the magazine I edit.

I kind of really like primary colours, and I especially love weird and/or bright tights. As you can see, I demonstrated some restraint with this outfit, opting for an unusual colour without a pattern. I really feel like an outfit is successful when someone either asks me where I got my tights, or asks if my legs are tattooed. It happens more often than you might expect!

My eyes looked crazy in every picture I took, ahh!

My eyes looked crazy in every picture I took, ahh!

I generally try to avoid anything too short or super casual at work, but otherwise, I don’t really follow any particular rules. I’m lucky I have a lot of freedom to EXPRESS MY UNIQUE PERSONALITY at work, which I guess is important to me because I need everyone to know that I’m a special snowflake.


Admiring my elegant ring.

These wedges are approximately as comfortable as slippers.

These wedges are approximately as comfortable as slippers.

You can't actually SEE that I'm wearing these earrings, but I promise I am.

You can’t actually SEE that I’m wearing these earrings, but I promise I am.

Dress and belt: Modcloth
Cardigan: Envy
Shoes: Michael Kors (I think from Macy’s?)
Tights: Target
Ring: Some random stand during the Halifax Buskers Fest
Earrings: Bejewel by Trudy Gallagher

Check out Nicole’s blog to see what everyone else is wearing to work!

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The sixth annual edition of Random Stuff I Googled in the Last Year

First of all, I survived two full days of skiing! My body is still in a lot of pain from skiing  but you know, I’m fine. We also ate a lot of great food and Quebec is a beautiful city, so it was an all around good weekend.

But now I have to talk about something VERY IMPORTANT. For six years, every April 1, I have posted a list of my top 20 weird Google searches from the last year. At this point I’m pretty sure they’re not even really that interesting to anyone but me, but this is pretty much my only tradition, so I’m obligated to keep it up. And hey, if anyone else wants to share weird stuff they’ve googled, I’d love to hear it. So here’s what I googled over the last year!

  1. ayahuasca pop culture references
  2. bronie drama
  3. chiksa
  4. do people still wear harem pants
  5. how do i know if i have ecoli
  6. how do you cook a chicken breast
  7. how to tell if you’re short of breath
  8. icp christianity
  9. i want to be a hilton – jackay
  10. jill hennessy zaxby’s
  11. log lady bolero
  12. otherkin restaurant
  13. problem with hyper awareness
  14. rabies water
  15. sad woman eating
  16. shelley duvall killer octopus
  17. student bodies dvd
  18. talking pineapple
  19. trixie belden honey lesbian
  20. what’s in the baby alive doll food

And in case you’d like to see how my crazy has evolved over the years, here are all of my previous lists, now compiled in one massive blog entry for the first time ever! If you pay close attention, you’ll notice that I’m mostly interested in juggalos, reality television, non-existent health problems and lesbians.

Continue reading

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