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Tegan and Sara

So, I’m not really a “music person.” I’m definitely a TV person, and I’m working on being a better movie person. I’ll watch pretty much anything, and I tend to know things like which low-rated shows are in danger of getting cancelled and which movies have been in post-production for a really long time and other stupid junk. I’m just interested in it, for whatever reason.

But with music, I’m more selective and, I guess, disinterested. I’m not one of those people who claims to like “everything except country.” Ugh. Those people are the worst. Really? Do you love Inuit throat singing and death metal and crunkcore and every other totally obscure musical genre that exists? AND IF SO, WHY ARE YOU EXCLUDING COUNTRY? Dummy. Anyway, no, I’m not like that at all. I mean, I listen to music, obviously, it’s not like I don’t have a soul. I just know what I like, and what I like tends to be indie pop and folk (or maybe indie folk that’s kind of poppy). Also, my tastes haven’t expanded much in the last few years. I listen to new albums by artists I already know I like, but I don’t seek out as much new stuff as I used to. Like, if I had to listen to one band for the rest of my life, it would probably be the now defunct Rilo Kiley, who I probably discovered around 2004, and I just think they’re completely perfect.

But anyway, this isn’t about Rilo Kiley (although they did recently announce they’re releasing a new album with previously unreleased songs, which is super exciting). This is about one of my other favourites, Tegan and Sara, who recently released their new album, Heartthrob. For the last few weeks, it’s pretty much all I’ve listened to. I’ve loved them for quite a while…probably since I heard the song Walking with a Ghost on the album So Jealous and then listened to the whole thing and was like, ahhh. I love that they keep things pretty straightforward with their music, and just create really nice songs with heartfelt lyrics. When their next album, The Con came out, I was completely hooked. I loved every single song on that album, and to me, it’s the one that does the best job of telling a cohesive story, which is something I really appreciate in an album. I saw them in concert in Halifax shortly after that album was released, and they were so cute and funny and talented. They seemed so cool and laid back, and I liked them even more.

Then came Sainthood, which was more of a miss for me. I don’t mind admitting that I have pretty simple tastes, and I like a good catchy song that’s easy to sing along with. For whatever reason, there weren’t a lot of tracks that really grabbed me. I did see them again in concert when they were touring for that album – this time in Fredericton – and once again they were really excellent live.

And now they have ANOTHER new album and I guess some people think it’s too poppy and that they’ve abandoned their folky roots, but I just totally disagree because it’s such a great album! It’s upbeat and dancey and some of the lyrics are still about sad situations, but the songs still sound fun and positive and catchy. Yep, my love for Tegan and Sara hasn’t died down at all; if anything it’s only gotten stronger. It’s like they know what I’m going to want to listen to and then they release it. Look at how much fun they’re having in this video! Don’t you want to be friends with them? I want to be friends with them. Also this song is fantastic.

So yes, I am way into the Quin sisters. And this year is a big year for the music I’m actually interested in, because the Yeah Yeah Yeahs also have a new album coming out! And The National is supposed to have a new album at some point this year I think! That is a lot for me, I seriously listen to like 10 bands. Basically 2013 will be the year of Alex’s music and it’s gonna be awesome.

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