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The end of tights season

A few days ago it was warm enough to go outside with bare legs. I guess this is mostly a good thing, it’s not like I’m a giant fan of cold weather or anything, but I always miss my tights during the summer. Whatever, that is a legitimate thing to think about!


I’m just going to post pictures of tights I own now.


You know how there is that stereotype about women being really obsessed with shoes? I am not like that. Heels hurt my feet! I can’t wear high boots because of my cursed cankles!

One time the premier of New Brunswick asked me where I bought these!

One time the premier of New Brunswick asked me where I bought these!

Anyway, everyone wears shoes. BORING! Not everyone wears super weird tights that apparently sometimes look like tattoos according to random strangers?



Soon I’m going to have to put all of my beautiful tights away in a drawer for a few months and my only way of Expressing Myself Through Fashion will be through my nails. The good news is, my sister got me an at-home gel nail kit thing for my birthday, so now my nails can look something like this all the time:



So at least all accessory hope is not lost.

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And now for something really important…

In addition to baking an edible food item over the weekend, I made a very important decision that will affect my life…for at least the next several months.

Photo on 2013-02-23 at 5.13 PMI GOT BANGS!

Oh, bangs. Oh how I will hate having you in a month. Oh how you will fall into my eyes and get weird and curly and kind of greasy. I know all that, but I still had to do it. When I don’t have bangs, my face is so boring! I need a semi-permanent adornment for my forehead. And they will look OK to good for at least a month. It’s going to be a good month. Oh, and I also got it cut and dyed, which was very much overdue.

While we’re talking about thoroughly inconsequential things like my hair, I may as well also talk about nails. I’ve been way into nail art for the last year or so, and while I feel like I’ve tamed it down a bit, I’ve developed a bit of a love affair with nail strips. They are easy and fast and they automatically look good.

First I tried a whole bunch of Sally Hansen Real Nail Polish Strips. They do come in a lot of awesome patterns, but I kind of find they don’t always stay stuck very well. Certain patterns are too thick, and not really flexible or sticky enough. Then I discovered these OPI Pure Lacquer Nail Apps, which are better, in that they’re thinner, easier to use and last longer, but for some reason I can never find more than one or two patterns at any store around here. Maybe I’m just not looking hard enough. I admittedly have not looked very hard.

And now Essie Sleek Sticks¬†are a thing. They were giving out free samples on Facebook, so I signed up and got four different patterns (two of each) in sneek-e, a to zebra, stickers and stones and don’t cheetah on me. I guess I could have spaced it out and used them as an accent nail, but I just wanted to try them all at once, so, well, I did.

Photo on 2013-02-28 at 9.27 PM #2

Please excuse my dour expression.

I do like them…I find they’re a bit thick for my liking, but they seem to stick well. The samples I got are all the same size, so I’m sure they would fit my nails better if I were to buy the full set, which comes in various sizes. I only just put them on, so I don’t know yet how long they’re going to last, but I have a feeling I’m going to be purchasing oh my gold! and over the moon in the not so distant future.

And I promise not to post about nail junk all the time, especially since, as I said, I really haven’t been doing anything especially interesting anyway, but if for some reason you are DYING to see some of my previous designs, you’re so incredibly lucky, because I’ve pinned them right here. Fascinating, I know.

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