Summer fun in the…fog

One exciting thing about this summer is my friend Peter is back in town for a couple months before he goes to school in Calgary in the fall (which is actually pretty rude of him, because that is very far away, but WHATEVER I guess). Anyway, in the meantime, we decided to try to do some touristy things around the city this summer. We haven’t made it to the Reversing Falls Zip Line yet, and my Scents of Saint John tour is still in development (but seriously, it’s going to be an amazing look at the real Saint John when I save up enough to buy a bus), but we sure did go to the Saint John Psychic Fair!

PSYCHED for the psychic fair.

PSYCHED for the psychic fair.

OK, I guess technically this wasn’t exactly a touristy thing, but it is a thing that happens in our city every year that we have never considered actually attending. It always takes place in a medium crappy hotel, so we showed up on a Saturday afternoon prepared for things to get weird. And then we immediately got lost and walked by a mysterious place called the Hawaiian Room? But then we got back on track and found the psychics. Mostly they were creepy looking dudes and old women in sweat pants. There were maybe seven or eight of them sitting around the room, and you could go around to each one and pick up a brochure to find out what their deal was. Some of them used tarot cards, some communicated with the afterlife…mostly what we did was pick the one that appeared to have the lowest prices and the shortest wait list. Her name was Ginger Ella, and she did palm readings.

Peter went first, after Ginger Ella went out for what I can only assume was a smoke break. She told him he is an academic (true!) and he needs to be more social (probably also true!) and, I don’t know, a bunch of other junk. Enough about Peter, let’s talk about me! First of all, did you know I’ve had 20 past lives? It’s a true fact, because a psychic told me, it says so right on my hand. I’m pretty sure I’m getting close to enlightenment. I also learned I moved a lot as a child (true!), had a rough childhood (not true!), was a tomboy (not really accurate!), do not want to be financially dependant on a man (well, unless he’s like, REALLY wealthy or something), have good communication skills but need to be less abrupt (my mom agreed with this one – hey!) and will likely move a lot in my life (maybe!).

So do I believe in the power of psychics after my very first psychic fair experience? I mean, no, of course not. But it was still an entertaining and interesting experience, and I’m definitely glad we went after talking about it for basically months.

And then, a couple of weeks ago, I went to the Cherry Brook Zoo with Peter and our friend Jazmine. First of all, you should probably know that this zoo is kind of the saddest zoo ever.

Not sure if this lion is depressed or lulling us into a false sense of security.

Not sure if this lion is depressed or lulling us into a false sense of security.


I hadn’t been there in eight years, but it turns out not much has changed. The animals still look lethargic and generally bummed out, and after visiting the zoo, you’ll probably feel a bit bummed out about the life choices that brought you to the point where going to the zoo seemed like a good idea.

This Shetland sheep made the worst noise I've ever heard.

This Shetland sheep made the worst noise I’ve ever heard.

But you know, we made the best of it. We made up narratives for the animals and picked our favourites. Jazmine liked the emu (who was totally up to no good!), Peter was into the guinea pigs (which were actually adorable and made me want a pet guinea pig) and I loved the snow leopard (who was a diva who was TOTALLY above it all).

The most disdainful snow leopard ever.

The most disdainful snow leopard ever.

It’s been a fun summer so far! Hopefully we’ll have more local adventures before it’s over.

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