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What to Wear: Power outfit

what to wear

I don’t know, guys, I’m feeling like a pretty big weirdo lately. That’s the excuse I’m going to use for this photo shoot, I guess. These weren’t even the weird ones. The weird ones involved me reenacting that scene at the beginning of The Lion King where Rafiki holds up Simba, except I was holding up an owl figurine? OK, sure. I’m not posting those ones. Maybe my POWER comes from being a giant weirdo.

Oh. Heyyyyyy.

Oh. Heyyyyyy.

So that happened. I liked the idea of this week’s power outfit theme, but I have to admit I felt bad choosing one outfit over the others. Because, you know, we all anthropomorphize our clothes and worry about hurting their feelings. In the end, I had to go with my absolute favourite tights, which I have had for about three years and have never stopped loving. One time, the premier of New Brunswick asked me where I bought them. People give me the best confused looks on the street when I wear them – sometimes they ask me if my legs are tattooed. This is the exact kind of weirded out attention I want!

This dress makes me feel like a figure skater.

This dress makes me feel like a figure skater.

And this dress is just the most comfortable thing I own, and I think it’s cute. It has a visible gold zipper on the back, I can wear it with literally anything, it’s pretty much the best. The shoes are new, but I can tell we’re going to have a beautiful relationship and I will wear them until they literally fall off my feet in tatters. Anyway, I feel good about wearing all of these things, and that’s my idea of a power outfit.



I also love this snake watch a lot.

I also love this snake watch a lot.

Dress: H&M
Tights: Modcloth
Shoes: Ruche
Watch: Modcloth
Cardigan: Envy

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I’m basically a gourmet chef

I’ve been cooking so much edible food lately! Clearly this is not a major achievement for most functioning adults, but it’s a big deal for me. Every weekend I make something in my slow cooker, and then I have about four or five meals. I still can’t believe how easy it is! I save time and money…seriously, cooking basic meals is like the highlight of my life right now. Check out the last two things I made!


First, I made a whole meatloaf. And it’s a fancy meatloaf, too – it has bleu cheese and cherries in it. I thought it was pretty good, but usually no one else eats my cooking, so I wanted to be sure. I made my parents try some, and they agreed – definitely a really good meatloaf. I got the recipe from the same site where I’ve gotten all my recipes so far. I think I’m going to branch out and try a new site this weekend, we’ll see.

575650_786755075575_2097098261_nThe other thing I made was this chicken casserole. It might be my favourite thing I’ve made so far – possibly because it involves mozzarella and salsa, so really, how can you go wrong.

I also learned how to make a stir-fry last week. Yes, that is a thing I had never made before. IT TURNS OUT IT’S PRETTY EASY! I didn’t take any pictures, but it just looked like a stir-fry, so imagine that and you’ll know what I made. Cooking: even dummies like me can do it!


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Remember that time I had my ears candled?

This past weekend was a long weekend, and that was nice. I hung out with human beings for what seems like the first time in a while, which is probably a good/healthy thing to do. I also watched SO MANY episodes of Fringe. I watched enough that now I’m having super creepy Fringe-inspired dreams where I think people are performing experiments on me while I’m asleep, so that seems about right. It’s also a really helpful show because it’s providing me with a really great new ideas about impossible ways that supernatural/experimental science can kill me! Ways that my own brain could probably never come up with on its own! Good thing I’m going to watch all five seasons in the next month or so, I’m looking forward to having several psychotic breaks.

Being a hypochondriac who’s afraid of doctors is a really annoying kind of person to be. Basically on a weekly basis I become convinced that I have some kind of condition – mumps, angina, mono, lung cancer, etc. To the best of my knowledge, I have never had any of these things. Usually it turns out to be a cold, heart burn, maybe a stomach flu, but 95 per cent of the  time it’s just a panic attack. No matter how convinced I am that I’m dying, I’ll do almost anything to avoid seeing a doctor. I don’t want an expert to confirm my worst fears! As long as I’m not diagnosed with anything, I can convince myself I’m just being crazy.


Now here is a story about how hypochondria + hating doctors causes me to do ridiculous things sometimes. Whenever I get a cold my ears get all plugged up, and sometimes it takes forever for them to clear up and it’s super annoying. This happened in the fall – it had been months and my ears felt all blocked up and it was driving me crazy. So when I saw a posting online for some holistic health place that offers junk like reiki healing and reflexology and other things that I am not exactly interested in that also did ear candling, I don’t know why, but I made an appointment, and it turned out to be pretty much as weird as you would expect.

The building wasn’t sketchy or anything, but it was more industrial than I would imagine when picturing a holistic healing centre. When I got there, a lady named Tonia was lighting incense. I expected her to say “Namaste” but I think she just said hi instead. She talked to me for like ever about how it worked and I was just thinking Tonia had better hurry it up before I made a run for it. Finally we got started. She touched my face for a while (you know, to align my energy, duh). This was horrifying for me because I DO NOT LIKE TO BE TOUCHED.  She was seriously just touching my face in silence for at least 10 minutes, oh my god it was the worst. And then she put a burning hollow candle thing in my ear for a while, and that was also weird.

She did both sides, and after she showed me the inside of each candle and said it was wax that had been sucked up into it…but I’m pretty sure it was just candle wax? I mean, I don’t know anything about physics, but why would a candle suck anything out of an ear. I suppose I should have thought about that beforehand, but I was desperate, remember? Also I made a point of not reading anything about it in advance because deep down inside I knew it was b.s.

So yes, my ears were still plugged, but at least a stranger touched my face for a while? Also I guess I confirmed that alternative medicine is perhaps not for me. Next time I think I just have to force myself to go to a doctor.

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What to Wear: spring dress

what to wear

I had some pretty lofty blogging ambitions this week, but clearly none of them came to pass. Maybe next week? For now I bring you the spring dress edition of What to Wear.

All of these pictures came out kind of blurry, oops.

All of these pictures came out kind of blurry, oops.

That’s supposed to be my spring is in the air pose, I guess? Anyway, I got this dress recently, and I’m kind of obsessed with it. If only it had short sleeves, it would be completely perfect. I still love it though – it’s comfortable cotton, lined, fun print, knee-length – perfect. It’s available in a bunch of patterns, and I kind of want to own them all. Seriously, look at the pattern up close, SO CUTE!



And here are the earrings I’m wearing that you can’t actually see as usual.


Dress: Too Much Fun Dress from Modcloth
Shoes: Target
Earrings: A gift from my mom

Head over to Nicole’s blog to check out everyone else’s spring dresses!

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The end of tights season

A few days ago it was warm enough to go outside with bare legs. I guess this is mostly a good thing, it’s not like I’m a giant fan of cold weather or anything, but I always miss my tights during the summer. Whatever, that is a legitimate thing to think about!


I’m just going to post pictures of tights I own now.


You know how there is that stereotype about women being really obsessed with shoes? I am not like that. Heels hurt my feet! I can’t wear high boots because of my cursed cankles!

One time the premier of New Brunswick asked me where I bought these!

One time the premier of New Brunswick asked me where I bought these!

Anyway, everyone wears shoes. BORING! Not everyone wears super weird tights that apparently sometimes look like tattoos according to random strangers?



Soon I’m going to have to put all of my beautiful tights away in a drawer for a few months and my only way of Expressing Myself Through Fashion will be through my nails. The good news is, my sister got me an at-home gel nail kit thing for my birthday, so now my nails can look something like this all the time:



So at least all accessory hope is not lost.

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Pretend you’ve got it together!

I know I keep writing about how I basically do nothing on the weekend and then I temporarily feel OK because during the week I feel all rundown and crazy, but I’m gonna do it again! This past weekend I went to my parents’ cottage after promising to go for weeks and then not going. It’s actually super nice once I’m there, but for some reason it’s hard for me to get up the momentum to drive a whole hour away to St. Andrews just to hang out on a couch and play Scrabble with my parents (I beat them twice; all my online Scrabble playing has paid off). I would like to post pictures of the cottage, but my parents are crazy afraid of the internet and they won’t let me take pictures of their stuff for some reason, so I’m going to have to wait until some day when I’m there without them or they go for a long walk without me or something. I did manage to take one picture of me in a nautical-inspired outfit, and you can at least see a glimpse of my mom’s homemade seashell decor that basically covers every square inch of the place.


The best thing about the cottage is that I feel so drowsy when I’m there. I pretty much slept the entire time, so when I got home on Sunday I was feeling totally rested for the first time in a million years. It turns out that sleeping properly is a good way to feel like things are OK! I already knew that cleaning, a thing that I hate to do and will probably always hate to do, is another good way to feel like I’ve got it together. So I did that a bit when I got home. Also! Flowers!



A person who has flowers is totally stable and calm and not stressed, that is just a fact, obviously. And check out my adorable new owl vase – it was a birthday present from my friend Natalie. Love it!

Also, I cooked again. The good thing about cooking in a slow cooker is I can make a ton of food and then I have lunch for the whole week and then that’s another thing I don’t have to think about and I love not thinking about stuff! This time I made chicken meatballs using this recipe.



Once again I replaced turkey with chicken because I can never find turkey at the goddamn grocery store for some reason! Maybe I don’t completely have it together yet. I’ll know I’ve really made it when I successfully buy turkey, I guess.

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What to Wear: on a casual coffee date

what to wear

The theme of this week’s What to Wear is an outfit for a casual coffee date. This was way more stressful for me than it should have been! My thought process was like this: “OK, so I’m going on a coffee date, which means it’s a first date, because I don’t really like, drink coffee or hang out in coffee shops, but if I don’t know someone well, I’m a fan of meeting them in public during daylight hours to ensure he isn’t an axe murderer. So I want to be casual, but also this fictional person I’m going on this date with doesn’t really know me yet probably so I need to show my personality through my outfit (duh) so he isn’t like, ‘wait, this girl is super weird’ in like, two weeks.”

Um. Isn’t it super shocking that I’m single?


Just being totally casual.

Anyway, I have actually worn this dress on a casual coffee date before because it’s cute, but also super comfortable and I wear it all the time. But of course, I need to wear patterned tights with it too. Otherwise HOW WILL ANYONE KNOW THAT I’M A QUIRKY AND SPECIAL SNOWFLAKE???

Ugh, my face looked stupid.

Ugh, my face looked stupid.

Tights & shoes.

Tights & shoes.

Dress: Pseudio
Tights: Modcloth
Cardigan: H&M
Shoes: Macy’s
Belt: Modcloth
Necklace: H&M

Wanna see what everyone else is wearing on their casual coffee dates? Head to Nicole’s blog to find out!

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Honestly, Marlon Brando screaming “Stellllaaaaaaa!” in A Streetcar Named Desire was basically the highlight of my life. I vaguely knew it was coming, but it was still awesome. “I have always depended on the kindness of strangers” on the other hand? Wow! Kind of a super crazy dark moment! Was not entirely expecting that. Anyway. Here are the movies I watched this month for my AFI’s 100 Years…100 Movies project this month.


Apocalypse Now (1979). I mean…can I just say, this was kind of a bummer? It was all so dark and long, which I guess is appropriate since it’s about the Vietnam War, but ugh. Basically Martin Sheen is some U.S. army guy who has to go find this other army guy who went insane and has created his own army in the jungle or something. I don’t know, I kind of completely lost interest and did I mention this was really long? So much war, war takes a long time, the Vietnam War was extra crappy and stupid, the end.


Raging Bull (1980). I was pleasantly surprised that this was not totally about boxing. I mean, it was about boxing, I just thought there would be MORE boxing. I hate war and sports, how female of me. Anyway. Robert De Niro is basically this rageaholic boxer and his brother/manager is Joe Pesci, and you’d better not ever talk to Robert De Niro’s wife, because he will probably murder you and also his wife. He’s this aggressive boxer who’s completely held back by his own jealousy and insecurity. It’s violent and depressing and makes for a great and powerful movie.

 It Happened One Night

It Happened One Night (1934). OK, time for something a bit more positive. It turns out in ’30s you could kidnap your daughter and trap her on a boat if you don’t like her new husband! That happens to a socialite played by Claudette Colbert, but then she escapes from her super rich father and meets up with journalist Clark Gable, who agrees to take her across the country to her husband in exchange for a story. OBVIOUSLY they fall in love and get into some shenanigans. It was all very fun and cute, although I didn’t super love how Clark kept calling her a brat before he even knew her? Rude!


Vertigo (1958). WOW! It’s so ridiculous that I had not seen this before, Vertigo is the best! Jimmy Stewart plays a retired detective who had to leave his job after his vertigo prevents him from saving the life of another officer. He’s hired by Kim Novak’s husband to tail her…she’s been acting strangely and her husband is convinced she’s possessed. What follows is for sure the best psychological thriller I’ve ever seen. It was so weird and good and awesome, you should probably just watch it if you are a dummy like me and have not seen it yet. Man, Hitchcock was so excellent at what he did, good for him!


Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981). Ehh. I thought this was pretty overrated. I mean, it was FINE, but I didn’t think it was super awesome or interesting or anything. Basically Indiana Jones takes on a bunch of Nazis in a race to uncover this biblical artifact that they believe is buried in Egypt. I don’t know, I didn’t love it. There was this one part where everyone’s faces melt, that was fun. Also, Indy’s main weapon is a whip, so that seems practical!


A Streetcar Named Desire (1951). This was another really great, captivating movie that I very much enjoyed. Man, Marlon Brando was sooooo attractive! He plays a total asshole monster person named Stanley, who’s married to Stella (Kim Hunter). Stella’s sister, fading Southern belle Blanche (Vivien Leigh) comes to stay with them. She’s pretty desperate, and terrified about aging; she depends on male attention and needs someone to take care of her. She and Stan DO NOT GET ALONG SO WELL and it does not turn out very well, but still, great movie. Remember? STELLLLLAAAAAA!

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