Birthday suit

I have developed this really bad cold in the last two days, which is seriously impeding my ability to think or string sentences together. But my birthday was fun! I saw many of my friends and we went to one of my fave restaurants and had some drinks and went dancing. Also, I used some of my birthday money to buy a new outfit! It is not a dress; this is very unlike me.

Shirt: Envy
Jacket: Simons
Jeans: Winners
Necklace: Silver Daisy (local)
Shoes: Macy’s
Purse: Coach
Sunglasses: Modcloth

So proud of myself! It is exhausting putting together an outfit that is not a dress and a cardigan, I have no idea how people do it. Also, I now own coloured skinnies, whaaat? I don’t even know who I am anymore.

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4 thoughts on “Birthday suit

  1. I love the orange necklace, puts me in the mood for summer.

  2. I am in mad love with this outfit. You make a coloured skinny look good. I actually think you look super duper chic in this!!! I’m super impressed.

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