Today is my birthday, so I feel like I should acknowledge that with a blog post!



I’m 27 now, so I thought about doing one of those posts that the real serious bloggers do where they come up with 27 things they’ve learned or something, but I definitely do not know 27 things. Maybe eight things, absolute max. You should never take advice from me, unless it’s about a good TV series to watch in its entirety over the course of two days (Party Down!) or what pattern matches houndstooth (more houndstooth! leopard print! literally anything!).

Honestly, the last birthday I particularly cared about one way or the other was when I turned 20 and I was SO UPSET about not being a teenager anymore. Seriously, I was devastated. It feels like it was several lifetimes ago, although in reality I guess it was only seven years. Anyway, since then I’ve been pretty indifferent, although I do think 27 is a good number because it’s three cubed and I like the number three and that’s a totally normal and not vaguely OCD thing to think about, don’t judge me.

Not to hate on 26 or anything, it’s been pretty OK. I was promoted to my current job and I moved to my hometown (which is only an hour away from where I was living before, so it was a pretty minor move but still) and I have the best apartment ever in my whole life and yesterday I bought a slow cooker! Yeah, it’s basically all happening for me. Also, I’m having dinner with my fam tonight and I’m celebrating with friends from Fredericton and Saint John on the weekend. Birthdays!

Oh, and I’m skipping What to Wear this week. The theme is exercise clothes and I…don’t exercise. I guess I could show you my ski clothes? That’s boring. I actually thought about recreating the look from the video below, but it seemed like a lot of effort for a joke. Watch this video anyway, and remember to exuhcise your body’s eight billion muscles, including your sense of dignity.

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