The sixth annual edition of Random Stuff I Googled in the Last Year

First of all, I survived two full days of skiing! My body is still in a lot of pain from skiing  but you know, I’m fine. We also ate a lot of great food and Quebec is a beautiful city, so it was an all around good weekend.

But now I have to talk about something VERY IMPORTANT. For six years, every April 1, I have posted a list of my top 20 weird Google searches from the last year. At this point I’m pretty sure they’re not even really that interesting to anyone but me, but this is pretty much my only tradition, so I’m obligated to keep it up. And hey, if anyone else wants to share weird stuff they’ve googled, I’d love to hear it. So here’s what I googled over the last year!

  1. ayahuasca pop culture references
  2. bronie drama
  3. chiksa
  4. do people still wear harem pants
  5. how do i know if i have ecoli
  6. how do you cook a chicken breast
  7. how to tell if you’re short of breath
  8. icp christianity
  9. i want to be a hilton – jackay
  10. jill hennessy zaxby’s
  11. log lady bolero
  12. otherkin restaurant
  13. problem with hyper awareness
  14. rabies water
  15. sad woman eating
  16. shelley duvall killer octopus
  17. student bodies dvd
  18. talking pineapple
  19. trixie belden honey lesbian
  20. what’s in the baby alive doll food

And in case you’d like to see how my crazy has evolved over the years, here are all of my previous lists, now compiled in one massive blog entry for the first time ever! If you pay close attention, you’ll notice that I’m mostly interested in juggalos, reality television, non-existent health problems and lesbians.


  1. anthropomorphic robot
  2. baconaise
  3. can i get a cold from eating undercooked turkey?
  4. collar in the police sense
  5. do I have a gas or electric stove
  6. ebonics
  7. famous amphibians
  8. hidden sex messages in disney movies
  9. how do you get a job reading books on tape
  10. jewpids
  11. juggalo name generator
  12. people with magnetized bodies
  13. teeth are kind of see through, enamel
  14. tell them about how you killed our baby, amanda
  15. what happened to mara wilson
  16. what is the plural of ho
  17. what’s your temperature supposed to be
  18. when did hipsters become a thing
  19. white man overbite
  20. yiddish words that start with sch


  1. bible guy with long hair
  2. big bang theory, terrible
  3. brenchel still together
  4. constant sense of impending doom
  5. dark sided
  6. farmville intervention
  7. goblet that holds a full bottle of wine
  8. illuminati bullshit
  9. jabroni
  10. jersey shore two of the rarest roses clip
  11. juggalo toy drive
  12. lynch mob
  13. paranoia about computers
  14. people with tails
  15. ruh roh
  16. sammi’s bitchface
  17. self cleaning apartment
  18. steven tyler snorting lunesta
  19. what do you call a man with lesbian friends
  20. what you talkin bout willis


  1. aaliyah
  2. april o’neil
  3. benylin and alcohol mix
  4. cat from the movie go
  5. corey matthews jersey shore
  6. dolla dolla bills
  7. from tha vodkaaa
  8. gilbert gottfried
  9. jwoww shirts
  10. mm whatchya say gossip girl
  11. morgellon
  12. new world order
  13. overly firm avocados
  14. phobia of the letter w
  15. porno spoofs
  16. quantum jumping seminar
  17. running out of options
  18. sleeping is weird
  19. urine smells like coffee
  20. you’re a virgin who can’t drive


  1. are lobsters blue?
  2. bobcat or bjork video
  3. britney spears pussy hanging out again
  4. buffy in syndication
  5. carnie wilson skinny or fat now
  6. cyber goth
  7. feels like fluid in ear
  8. gaelen weston commercials
  9. gary busey wtf
  10. how to use a phone number with extension
  11. involuntary clenching of fists
  12. juggalo dead baby
  13. law and order characters named alex
  14. maverick
  15. movie scene with one box wheeled into room of boxes
  16. suze ormand lesbian?
  17. what are the habs
  18. what is the spiral
  19. word to your
  20. young janice dickinson pictures


  1. azura skye
  2. boobs on e.r.
  3. can a fish have a death rattle?
  4. cindy day ctv promotion video
  5. continuity in acid trip
  6. elephant self portrait
  7. flesh eating virus
  8. hobo humping slobo babe
  9. i have this theory that if you cut off all herhair she’d look like a british man
  10. live @ 5 university tour
  11. miller brittain
  12. mitt romney self attack ad
  13. one pupil larger than the other
  14. phillippa gregory – hate
  15. phillippa gregory – legitimate writer?
  16. shenanigans
  17. the 11th dimension – deja vu
  18. the oc – first season – music on the first day of school
  19. weed not dry enough
  20. when does hanukkah begin – 2007?
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