Anything but clothes

When I was in university, I didn’t really go to theme parties. I didn’t go to ugly sweater parties or CEO and office hoes parties (um, gross) or whatever. I didn’t even really get into Halloween – I would always decide to go out at the last minute, buy a wig, wear all the jewelry I owned and tell everyone I was a raver.

I feel like I should have gotten more into that junk, because since university, I’ve gone to retro nights, Mad Men parties, MTV pub crawls (I dressed like Snooki, duh) and I realized I could use Halloween as an excuse to dress like all my favourite movie/TV/web comic characters (Regina George! Enid Coleslaw! The Log Lady! Anxiety Girl!). So while I was initially skeptical when my friend Megan announced her birthday party was going to have an anything but clothes theme, in the end I decided to embrace it. It helped that I recently watched an episode of Project Runway with a duct tape challenge.

My dress did not turn out quite like this.

My dress did not turn out quite like this.

Clearly I can’t like, sew, and I definitely can’t sew DUCT TAPE, but I know how to tape things to other things, goddamnit, so that’s what I did. I took a garbage bag, cut three holes in it, made little to no attempt to create a dress-like shape, then taped strips of purple zebra print duct tape all over it. It actually turned out pretty OK! It had giant ’80s sleeves, and when I threw on a belt it even had a shape. Here’s the final result:

Not bad, right?!

Not bad, right?!

Everyone actually did a pretty good job of creating wearable things. I would post a whole bunch of pictures, but I probably shouldn’t put pictures of people I don’t know super well wearing tinfoil and newspaper all over my blog I guess, so here are just a couple of my good friends, who hopefully won’t mind too much.

A lounge chair pillow + duct tape and table cloths.

A lounge chair pillow + duct tape and table cloths.

She made this elegant gown in five minutes!

She made this gown in five minutes!

Pretty good theme party. It should hold me over until Halloween, when I will probably go as either Margo Tenenbaum or Clementine Kruczynski. Big decisions, important decisions.

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3 thoughts on “Anything but clothes

  1. Your dress looks legit fashionable. It makes me so happy! Like, for serious. I can’t believe how well it turned out. I also can’t believe that duct tape exists. Too awesome.

    • alexgdavis says:

      Haha, thanks, I was pretty surprised myself. I probably should have mentioned the brand is Duck Tape, and they sell it at Michaels, just in case anyone has any elaborate tape projects in the works.

  2. cobain1 says:

    The best in my opinion is the last of tre black trash bag…what brand and size? Simples but beautiful And shiny! How is the feel in the skin? Thx

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