Stop cancelling my stories!

One of the most important things about me is that I watch a lot of TV. OK, maybe that’s not an important thing about me, but it is definitely a thing about me. In addition to watching a lot of TV, I read a lot about TV, so I wasn’t exactly surprised last week when Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23 and Ben and Kate were cancelled. Still, though, I was totally bummed.


Don’t Trust the B—- is one of the worst named shows currently on television, but it’s also one of the funniest. Unfortunately, it was never really given a chance. In its second and (sadly) last season, ABC aired it on Tuesdays at the same time as The Mindy Project and some junk on NBC that I think a lot of people watch for some reason (The New Normal, I think). It followed Happy Endings (which is another awesome, funny show, but also no one watches it). Plus, they aired episodes out of order, and ended up burning through episodes by airing it two days a week for a couple weeks. When I say they aired episodes out of order, I mean they aired episodes that had been pulled from the first season because they weren’t really the strongest, followed by second season episodes. This was clearly a terrible way to gain new viewers, since there were totally conflicting plots and character changes from one week to the next, and also the second season was significantly funnier than the rejected first season episodes (I mean, duh).


This is a total bummer because even when it wasn’t at its best, this show was so, so funny. The eponymous bitch, Chloe, is essentially a sociopath who occasionally remembers other people exist, but is mostly completely selfish, and isn’t afraid to attack people with a tranq gun or set up hidden cameras to get her way. She once walked into People magazine and pretended she worked there for a week to get her bff James Van Der Beek named the Sexiest Man Alive. And James Van Der Beek, who plays a single, celebrity-obsessed,¬†narcissistic version of himself is so excellent. He tries to convince Frankie Muniz to do a reunion show with him, and later Mark Paul Gosselar talks some sense into him. That is an actual episode! June, Chloe’s roommate, can be grating with her whole sunny attitude, but it’s fun to watch Chloes take advantage of her, and she sometimes ends up stooping to Chloe’s level, which is also pretty great.


There is one last episode of the show airing tonight. Apparently ABC has eight more episodes, but there’s no word yet on whether they’re going to air them at some point. So this is sad. how could anyone resist that hot, hot jam?



And then there’s Ben and Kate. I didn’t know if I loved this one when it first started in the fall, but it grew on me quickly. It’s a pretty simple premise – Kate is raising her daughter, Maddie, and then her wacky brother Ben moves in with her, and he helps/gets in the way as a co-parent. They also get into shenanigans with their friends, the hilarious BJ, and Tommy, who is kind of just obsessed with both Ben and Kate but in a sweet way.


BJ is the clear frontrunner for funniest character, since she gets to be all British and nuts and talks to six-year-old Maddie like she’s a grown-up person. But Kate’s constant awkwardness and Ben’s harebrained schemes are pretty great aspects too. Plus, the show just has a lot of heart, and they seem like a real family without being totally corny. So yep, I’m sad to see this one go, too. Apparently Fox is still saying they’re going to air the rest of the episodes at some point down the road, but they shut down production before they finished filming all the episodes. So, you know, that sucks.

Ultimately both these shows got cancelled because no one watched them, but I still feel like they deserved better. I just feel sad sometimes when I remember that we live in a world where The Big Bang Theory and Two and a Half Men will air until the end of eternity, but shows that are actually good and, really, pretty accessible, aren’t given much of a chance. I should probably just stick to watching things on HBO, Showtime, FX and AMC if I want to avoid getting my heart broken.

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