I’m doing a reasonably OK job on my whole organizing/cleaning kick. I still have a ways to go, and I haven’t even started thinking about my closet of doom, but in addition to fixing up a couple areas last weekend, I managed to keep it fairly clean all week. Good for me! Here’s some of the crap I’ve dealt with.

First, my vanity area. I have a sink and with bathroom storage space right outside my actual bathroom, and normally I just keep every single product I use in a mess around the sink. Something like this:


So that’s not great! As you can probably see, my drawers were a mess too, and were filled with all kinds of Crap I Don’t Need (or use). You know, because all the stuff I do use was already on the counter. So I threw out a lot, cleaned up, and now it looks like this:


This is much better! The only things in the drawers are things that I use, and the only things on the counter are soap, a toothbrush and makeup brushes. This is like how I assume non-disgusting people live.

Inspired by my fresh new vanity, I decided to tackle another area with a similar problem: the top of my dresser. I have a jewelry box, but necklaces and earrings just get tangled in it, and I can’t find anything, so I ended up with all the jewelry I wear all over the damn place, something like this:


So, I went to Winners and I found a jewelry tree. It has changed my dresser forever. Bask in the glory of my jewelry tree!



I also reorganized all my kitchen cupboards, the boxes under my coffee table, my bookshelf and my wardrobe thing. I ended up with a big garbage bag full of clothes and a smaller bag of DVDs, which have since been donated to Value Village. I even cleaned out the three purses that I use on a regular basis. I have this problem where I use my purses as portable garbage cans, so here is what was inside them:


Why yes, I did have a kazoo in a purse, and a piece of a destroyed car in another one, so that seems pretty regular.

I even managed to earn money out of all of this, because I found $20 in change, and $50 in foreign currency, and instead of just letting it continue to sit there, I rolled the change and brought that and the foreign money to the bank. So I feel like I was paid $70 to clean up in addition to the reward of an apartment that looks less like crap. Everything’s coming up Alex!

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