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AFI’s 100 Years…100 Movies

As I briefly mentioned in an earlier post, I plan to watch AFI’s 100 Years…100 Movies this year. I love movies, and I actually review films for the publication I work for, but I still haven’t seen a lot of the classics, and I feel like this must be rectified. I decided to go with the 10th anniversary list for no particular reason other than it was the first one I came across, and it seemed to have a lot of older movies on it (by older movies, I mean anything that was released before 1990). I’ll probably end up watching the films that were on AFI’s original list but didn’t make the cut the second time around at some point, anyway.

Also, I have a head start, because I’ve already watched 26 movies on the list, which means I only have to watch 74. This works out to around six a month, which is very manageable. Admittedly I’m already a little behind schedule…I only watched five this month. It’s fine, I will watch seven in February. Yes, I know it’s a short month, I can still do it! I’m not going to do elaborate reviews – those are already on the Internet, duh – I’ll just stick to short recaps. So, here’s what I watched in January.


Tootsie (1982). Well this sure was wacky! Dustin Hoffman plays an actor who struggles to get good jobs, so he does what any man would do and dresses up like a woman to get a job on a soap opera, where he befriends his costar but also he falls in love with her. It was funny, although I have to say I got kind of a no feeling from the increasingly awkward situations he got into while lying to the person he was supposedly in love with all along.


Bonnie and Clyde (1967). The thing that struck me about this one was how much it influenced every heist/bank robber film that came after. There were moments where I was like, this seems cliche! But then I remembered that it was kind of the first movie ever like this, so it wasn’t actually cliche at all. Another important observation: Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway were both insanely attractive.


Midnight Cowboy (1969). In this movie, Jon Voight moves to New York City and learns that it’s actually totally hard to be a male prostitute who only sleeps with women. But, he also befriends Dustin Hoffman, who is kind of a rat-faced creep, but then it turns out that he has a good heart sometimes and they form a pretty beautiful and also sad friendship. It wasn’t at all what I expected, but I ended up really enjoying it.


Dr. Strangelove or:  How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb (1964). This was ALSO not at all what I expected. At first I was kind of losing interest, but then I realized this film, about the arms race and nuclear weapons, was actually really darkly funny. There are so many scenes with great dialogue satirizing the whole situation, and once I realized what was happening, I got really into it.


Taxi Driver (1976). This was my favourite of all my January movies. First of all, young Robert De Niro is pretty hot! Especially with a mohawk. Anyway, he plays a restless former marine who takes a job as a cab driver because he can’t sleep at night anyway. After witnessing a bunch of terrible things and terrible people, he kind of goes all vigilante and decides to clean up the city himself. I really liked the weird note it ends on…it was sort of a positive note, but I highly doubt things ended happily for that character.

Just in case you’re dying to know, the movies on AFI’s list that I’ve already watched are after the cut.

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Stop cancelling my stories!

One of the most important things about me is that I watch a lot of TV. OK, maybe that’s not an important thing about me, but it is definitely a thing about me. In addition to watching a lot of TV, I read a lot about TV, so I wasn’t exactly surprised last week when Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23 and Ben and Kate were cancelled. Still, though, I was totally bummed.


Don’t Trust the B—- is one of the worst named shows currently on television, but it’s also one of the funniest. Unfortunately, it was never really given a chance. In its second and (sadly) last season, ABC aired it on Tuesdays at the same time as The Mindy Project and some junk on NBC that I think a lot of people watch for some reason (The New Normal, I think). It followed Happy Endings (which is another awesome, funny show, but also no one watches it). Plus, they aired episodes out of order, and ended up burning through episodes by airing it two days a week for a couple weeks. When I say they aired episodes out of order, I mean they aired episodes that had been pulled from the first season because they weren’t really the strongest, followed by second season episodes. This was clearly a terrible way to gain new viewers, since there were totally conflicting plots and character changes from one week to the next, and also the second season was significantly funnier than the rejected first season episodes (I mean, duh).


This is a total bummer because even when it wasn’t at its best, this show was so, so funny. The eponymous bitch, Chloe, is essentially a sociopath who occasionally remembers other people exist, but is mostly completely selfish, and isn’t afraid to attack people with a tranq gun or set up hidden cameras to get her way. She once walked into People magazine and pretended she worked there for a week to get her bff James Van Der Beek named the Sexiest Man Alive. And James Van Der Beek, who plays a single, celebrity-obsessed, narcissistic version of himself is so excellent. He tries to convince Frankie Muniz to do a reunion show with him, and later Mark Paul Gosselar talks some sense into him. That is an actual episode! June, Chloe’s roommate, can be grating with her whole sunny attitude, but it’s fun to watch Chloes take advantage of her, and she sometimes ends up stooping to Chloe’s level, which is also pretty great.


There is one last episode of the show airing tonight. Apparently ABC has eight more episodes, but there’s no word yet on whether they’re going to air them at some point. So this is sad. how could anyone resist that hot, hot jam?



And then there’s Ben and Kate. I didn’t know if I loved this one when it first started in the fall, but it grew on me quickly. It’s a pretty simple premise – Kate is raising her daughter, Maddie, and then her wacky brother Ben moves in with her, and he helps/gets in the way as a co-parent. They also get into shenanigans with their friends, the hilarious BJ, and Tommy, who is kind of just obsessed with both Ben and Kate but in a sweet way.


BJ is the clear frontrunner for funniest character, since she gets to be all British and nuts and talks to six-year-old Maddie like she’s a grown-up person. But Kate’s constant awkwardness and Ben’s harebrained schemes are pretty great aspects too. Plus, the show just has a lot of heart, and they seem like a real family without being totally corny. So yep, I’m sad to see this one go, too. Apparently Fox is still saying they’re going to air the rest of the episodes at some point down the road, but they shut down production before they finished filming all the episodes. So, you know, that sucks.

Ultimately both these shows got cancelled because no one watched them, but I still feel like they deserved better. I just feel sad sometimes when I remember that we live in a world where The Big Bang Theory and Two and a Half Men will air until the end of eternity, but shows that are actually good and, really, pretty accessible, aren’t given much of a chance. I should probably just stick to watching things on HBO, Showtime, FX and AMC if I want to avoid getting my heart broken.

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I’m doing a reasonably OK job on my whole organizing/cleaning kick. I still have a ways to go, and I haven’t even started thinking about my closet of doom, but in addition to fixing up a couple areas last weekend, I managed to keep it fairly clean all week. Good for me! Here’s some of the crap I’ve dealt with.

First, my vanity area. I have a sink and with bathroom storage space right outside my actual bathroom, and normally I just keep every single product I use in a mess around the sink. Something like this:


So that’s not great! As you can probably see, my drawers were a mess too, and were filled with all kinds of Crap I Don’t Need (or use). You know, because all the stuff I do use was already on the counter. So I threw out a lot, cleaned up, and now it looks like this:


This is much better! The only things in the drawers are things that I use, and the only things on the counter are soap, a toothbrush and makeup brushes. This is like how I assume non-disgusting people live.

Inspired by my fresh new vanity, I decided to tackle another area with a similar problem: the top of my dresser. I have a jewelry box, but necklaces and earrings just get tangled in it, and I can’t find anything, so I ended up with all the jewelry I wear all over the damn place, something like this:


So, I went to Winners and I found a jewelry tree. It has changed my dresser forever. Bask in the glory of my jewelry tree!



I also reorganized all my kitchen cupboards, the boxes under my coffee table, my bookshelf and my wardrobe thing. I ended up with a big garbage bag full of clothes and a smaller bag of DVDs, which have since been donated to Value Village. I even cleaned out the three purses that I use on a regular basis. I have this problem where I use my purses as portable garbage cans, so here is what was inside them:


Why yes, I did have a kazoo in a purse, and a piece of a destroyed car in another one, so that seems pretty regular.

I even managed to earn money out of all of this, because I found $20 in change, and $50 in foreign currency, and instead of just letting it continue to sit there, I rolled the change and brought that and the foreign money to the bank. So I feel like I was paid $70 to clean up in addition to the reward of an apartment that looks less like crap. Everything’s coming up Alex!

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Aside from the general fixing and clearing out and decluttering of my apartment – more on that soon – one of the major things I’m trying to work on at the moment is my relationship with money. I’ve written and talked and whined about my financial irresponsibility a lot so I’m not going to go into the whole thing. The basic summary is, I make money, I spend that money on Crap I Don’t Need, I end up with debt and this is bad, because going into debt over crap you don’t need is a stupid thing to do.

I would like a goddamn money tree now please, k thanks!

I would like a goddamn money tree now please, k thanks!

So over the past six months, I’ve been trying to be better. And I have been! I’m not perfect, but I am better. Here are some of the things I’ve done differently:

I opened a savings account. I got my first savings account ever about six months ago. Savings were not really a thing I considered before, because all my money was going toward the aforementioned Crap I Don’t Need (dresses, accessories, nail polish, lunch, dresses). In my defence, I was an intern/freelancer until two years ago, but I do wish I had started saving earlier. Now I feel like at least if I have some kind of financial emergency, it won’t destroy me, and I won’t have to turn to my parents to bail me out. I feel like I’m creating at least a small safety net, and that’s definitely a good thing for me.

I started a budget. has basically changed my life. I’m kind of an all or nothing person, and if I don’t check my finances every day and see exactly where my money is going, I’m liable to spend it on that Crap I Don’t Need. With a budget, I can still allow for fun stuff like shopping and restaurants, I just can’t indulge quite as often as I might ideally like to if I had unlimited funds. I like Mint because every transaction on my debit or credit card shows up there, and I can’t deny the cold, hard numbers. So far, budgeting is kind of like a challenging game – I have to stay within certain limits, and it can feel restrictive sometimes, but it also feels satisfying when I manage to do it.

I stopped buying Crap I Don’t Need. This is probably the hardest thing for me, but I’m doing surprisingly well! Just this week Modcloth, my favourite clothing store ever in the whole world, had a 70 per cent off sale. Usually I would jump on instantly and buy half a dozen dresses and feel that weird rush of adrenaline I get from shopping. That’s a normal reaction, right??? But this time, I scrolled through the items, reminded myself there is nothing I need because I have like a billion dresses or so, and that was all. This might sound minor, but this is a big deal for me! I’m pretty sure I’ve bought something during every major Modcloth sale for the last four years. Which is…a lot. Glancing at my order history for that site is almost enough to give me a panic attack. Anyway, I’m doing this new thing where I don’t buy things impulsively, I only purchase things that I’ve thought about, that I can afford, and that I actually need.

I’m trying to be more financially independent. This is going to sound like a stupid thing to complain about, but my parents have always given me way too much financial support, and this needs to change. They can afford to help me – that’s not the point. Having them pay for my stuff makes me feel like I’m not a fully formed individual, and it’s not a nice feeling. I recently convinced them to let me pay my own car insurance (I know I sound like a brat when I talk about these things, but I DID have to convince them). For some reason, my mom is adamant about paying my cell phone bill, and it’s really hard to argue with someone who is trying to help you, so I’m letting that one go for now. Instead, I’m taking advantage of her generosity, and I’ve doubled my student loan payment, so now I’ll have it paid off in three years. I don’t have any other debt right now, so that’s something I can definitely handle.

These are all small changes, and basically I’ve just made it up to the level of a regular, mostly functioning adult as far as money’s concerned, but I’m still proud of myself. I just hope I can manage to keep it up.

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Reading for free

I’m pretty much constantly annoyed with myself for not reading enough. Generally my excuse (to myself, because no one else particularly cares if I read or not) is related to my job. I’m an editor, so I essentially read and write all day at work, and sometimes when I come home I just want to turn off my brain a bit and process entertainment passively in the form of TV or a movie.

The thing is, when I DO get around to cracking open a book/iPad I quickly remember how much I enjoy devouring fiction. I was the kind of child who was in a summer reading club at the library every year, and I always won a medal for reading 100 books. One hundred books! In like, two months! Now I’m lucky if I read 10 books in a whole year.


I talk about how I need to read more alllll the time, but then I never do it instead. So this time, I’m taking action. First of all, after watching and becoming obsessed with Silver Linings Playbook and then watching it again and still loving it, I bought the book by Matthew Quick. I’m about three-quarters of the way through and I like it, but damn, it’s way darker than the movie! Anyway, I’m reading every night and this is good, but buying books every couple of weeks doesn’t really fit into my whole budgeting thing, so I had to come up with a way to get books for free.

Books for free……….free books……..books….that don’t…..cost……..


Well, technically I’m GETTING a library card. I completely forgot to go to the library on Saturday (it’s literally across the street from me, so this is pathetic) and when I realized it wasn’t open on Sundays, I ordered my card online, and I should have it in about a week. The library has come a long way since I last had a card approximately a decade ago – now you can sign out ebooks! How crazy is that? Yes, I know, everyone already knows this is a thing, but I still think it’s pretty cool.

The other thing I’m going to do to try to encourage myself to read more is to maintain a list of books I want to check out, because not being able to think of a specific title I want to read off the top of my head is a really stupid thing that prevents me from reading. Here’s what I have so far:

  • Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell
  • Sweet Tooth by Ian McEwan
  • Me Talk Pretty One Day by David Sedaris
  • Everything is Perfect When You’re  a Liar by Kelly Oxford (this doesn’t come out until April)
  • How to be a Woman by Caitlin Moran
  • Good Omens by Neil Gaiman (and probably everything else by him too)
  • The Beggar Maid by Alice Munro
  • Breathing Lessons by Anne Tyler
  • The Unbearable Lightness of Being by Milan Kundera
  • The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky

If anyone has any suggestions about things I should read, I would love to hear them! I mostly like modern fiction, and my favourite authors are Kurt Vonnegut, Margaret Atwood and Tom Robbins. What else should I read??? I need help to make this happen.

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Alex vs. stuff

I have come to a couple of conclusions lately: I have too much stuff, and I need to organize said stuff.

Possibly this has come to my attention thanks to my friend Molly’s posts about minimalism/simplicity. SORRY MOLLY, I’M COPYING YOU! But really, ever since moving into a pretty tiny studio apartment in July, I have been hyper-aware of my  stuff, and how much of a mess it generally is.


This is almost my whole apartment in a much cleaner state than usual.

Before I moved, I thought I was doing well. I have approximately no closet space in my current place, so I gave away or sold probably a third of my wardrobe before I moved in. I also got rid of a whole bunch of toiletries I was never going to use, and I even threw out a whole bunch of books and notes from school and past jobs that I’m definitely never going to need again.

Still, though, I have all kinds of crap I don’t use or need or even particularly want, and I’m having a lot of trouble getting rid of it. I’m most definitely not a minimalist by nature; as anyone who has ever been my roommate could tell you, my personality is more like that of a sloppy hoarder. I live in fear that I’ll get rid of something, and then at some point in the future I will need it and this will be the worst thing that has ever happened, obviously. I’m not sure where this trait comes from, but based on my otherwise impeccable mother’s disaster of a basement (seriously, it contains all her furniture from the last 25 years) I’ve decided it’s genetic, and I’m going to have to work pretty hard to overcome it.

I’m only kept in check because I have friends over sometimes, and I recognize that it’s not socially acceptable to have clothes all over my couch or garbage-covered counters (the regular state of my apartment). So yes, I can clean up, but essentially I have a whole bunch of storage receptacles where I throw crap and then forget about it until I need it and can’t find it. Seriously, I recently had an almost breakdown when I lost my passport…fortunately I eventually found it in a purse I never use for some unknown reason.

OK, so something needs to change, but WHERE DO I START? My inclination would be to do it all in one go, and just get rid of basically everything in one giant sweep. I considered this, but it filled me with feelings of exhaustion…and then I discovered this blog: Unfuck Your Habitat. I love the before and after pictures, but I also like all the posts essentially yell at you to get it together. I need someone to yell at me to get it together! I also like the suggestion that you just spend a few minutes working on small projects rather than trying to take it all on at once. This is the kind of common sense advice I need!

So, I started a couple days ago by clearing out my food cupboard, which was filled with half-eaten, stale products I was never going to eat. I should have taken before and after pics, but it all happened in kind of a sudden flurry, so I didn’t even think of it. Before, there were bags of corn chips, a whole bunch of pasta, crackers, and other stuff that I’m just not eating anymore. Now there’s pretty much just tuna, olive oil, some herbs, ground flax, applesauce, popcorn and guacamole mix. It looks so empty and it feels so good!


This is a very small step, and I have a lot more stuff to deal with, but don’t you worry, I will be blogging about all of it. This is because none of this will ever come naturally to me, and if I’m left to do what comes naturally, social services will eventually need to get involved, and they’ll find dead cats I didn’t remember owning under piles of 20-year-old newspapers. I don’t think any of us want that.

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The Golden Globes

So, the Golden Globes aired on Sunday, and even though they don’t really, like, mean anything, they’re always pretty entertaining and there was a lot going on this year. This is really the only awards show I ever watch besides the Oscars, but the Golden Globes are infinitely funnier and weirder because it’s basically a bunch of celebrities hanging out and getting drunk and looking really coked up during acceptance speeches. What’s not to love about that? Maybe it’s just me, but the thing that stood out for me this year was that there were a lot of women doing awesome things. HEAR THEM ROAR!

First of all, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler were as amazing as everyone expected to be. They dissed James Cameron, they were resentful toward Lena Dunham and they had super great advice for Taylor Swift re: staying away from Michael J. Fox’s son. My only complaint is that I wish there had been more of them! Here is their monologue. If funny ladies aren’t a thing you’re interested in (for some strange reason) watch it for Tina’s ass. I feel weird about noticing Tina Fey’s ass, but it happened, I did that.

I was SO excited that Lena Dunham won for Best Actress in a Comedy AND her show, Girls won Best Comedy Series. I was glad because people hate her and her show so much, and I feel like this was at least some small validation, even if it is just from the Golden Globes and she’s awesome and her show is awesome. I’m not going on a whole spiel about what I love about Girls right now (though, btw, the second season premiered on Sunday too, and it was great). Lena winning just felt like a fuck you to all the idiotic criticisms against her for being a woman and looking like a regular person and being privileged, etc., etc., etc. She was also really gracious and cute and gave a shout out to Chad Lowe . Obviously I’m biased in that I love her, but I was very excited.

"Girls" creator and actress Lena Dunham poses with the award "Girls" won for Best Televison Series, Comedy or Musical at the 70th annual Golden Globe Awards in Beverly Hills

I was ALSO very excited Jennifer Lawrence won, because – have you seen Silver Linings Playbook? I just saw it on the weekend and I immediately fell in love with it. I mean, it’s basically a romantic comedy, really, except that it’s so good and so funny and so sad and so…inspiring? It really was! I have to say, Bradley Cooper really stole that film for me, because I had no idea he was capable of anything in the realm of that performance, but Jennifer Lawrence was phenomenal too. And she was pretty great at the Golden Globes, too, kind of awkward and super funny and I felt a pang of sadness that I’ll never be her best friend (probably). Oh, and she made a reference to First Wives Club in her acceptance speech, what a weird but entirely appropriate reference!


Other things…most of the presenters were boring or fine, but Kristen Wiig and Will Ferrell’s fake and completely inaccurate summaries of the nominated films were hilarious, and made me hope they go on to host something together at some point. Adele seemed really charming and Taylor Swift seemed like she is currently writing a revenge ballad about her. Glenn Close looked like a fun (fake?) drunk! Anne Hathaway’s acceptance speech and faux humble thing was very annoying, and reinforced my opinion that Anne Hathaway is kind of insufferable.


I mean, I think she did. I felt like her long and somewhat rambling speech was nice, but also…weird. It was basically an extensive diatribe about how she wants privacy, but also everyone she knows in real life knows who she is, and she’s not Honey Boo Boo, and she’s lonely and she’s friends with Mel Gibson for some insane reason. There is something about multi-millionare actors demanding privacy that bugs me. I don’t think Jodie Foster should be forced to come out, I think she should just live her life and talk about it or not talk about it or whatever it is that she wants to do. This just seemed like she felt obligated to say something, but she didn’t want to completely give in to whatever pressure she felt she was under or something. I don’t know! It was weird. Here’s the speech:

Overall, it was a pretty eventful show! I just hope this isn’t in any way a sign that Les Miserables will win an Oscar. I mean, Anne Hathaway will win an Oscar, probably, but that movie does not deserve an Academy Award, I don’t care what you musical fanatics think.

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I didn’t make any New Year’s Resolutions this year, because I am really bad about thinking ahead or planning for things that I should be doing or changing or whatever. Although, actually, I didn’t do TOO terribly with last year’s resolutions. In 2012 I resolved to drink more water and less coffee, floss and stop buying lunch every goddamn weekday.

I’ll tell you right off the bat that I have not been flossing. Maybe it’s left over from my childhood dentist trauma (can’t get into that now, too traumatic), but I absolutely hate flossing. I did recently get an electric toothbrush…as a Christmas gift…from my mom…so maybe that will be good for my teeth? I don’t know. I’ve only had probably five cavities in my life, so I think my teeth are fine, probably.

On the bright side, I did completely stopped drinking coffee. I had managed to get mildly addicted to it by 2011, and I really have no idea why, because it makes me feel absolutely terrible – all jittery and anxiety-ridden and prone to panic attacks where I’m convinced I’m having a stroke and have to email my friend who’s a nurse for reassurance that I’m not about to drop dead. So yes, I gave that up, and I have probably been drinking a little bit more water, but still not enough. Drinking water is so hard! Maybe I’ll start doing like Maria Bamford does in that routine I can’t find a clip of right now and just open my mouth in the shower for hydration purposes.


I did do a great job with that last one. I used to buy my lunch literally every goddamn day. This was a problem because it turns out that is a lot of money! When I moved at the end of June, I gave it up almost completely, and now I buy my lunch once a week at the most, sometimes not at all. Honestly, this is probably 90 per cent because my new apartment has a dishwasher so now I can bring Tupperware to work and not be filled with rage about needing to washing containers by hand later, but I’m still impressed with myself.

As I said, I don’t have any really specific resolutions I’m working toward this year, I just want to keep doing small productive things that make me feel happy and healthy. For example, I stopped eating wheat/gluten/whatever in September. I really hate talking about it because it sounds sooo obnoxious and EVERYONE has stopped eating gluten and no, I don’t have a gluten intolerance or celiac disease or anything that I know of, I admit it. That being said, it’s made me feel better than how I felt before, so I’m going to keep doing it and just try not to talk about it if I can avoid it. Basically my thoughts are: yes, it’s dumb, but it works for me.


I’ve also become really interested in improving my budgeting skills. This is because I am obsessed with Gail Vaz-Oxlade, and every single time the shows ‘Til Debt Do Us Part or Princess are on, I’m compelled to watch them. If you’re Canadian and have cable, you totally know what I’m talking about. Mostly they make me feel great about my own finances, but they also inspire me to get my shit together. Plus, I read The Billfold every day, which is a super excellent and educational website filled with genuinely interesting articles and thoughts about money.

I actually ended up creating a budget back in November…but then it was Christmas and I totally blew it off and went way over. That’s OK, though, I’ve paid off my credit card and I’m starting over. I have historically been kind of a disaster with money, so I feel like budgeting is a necessity for me, and I think I’ve made a realistic enough plan. Basically I just want to pay off more of my student loan than I had been, and also put more money into savings every month.

OK, these are good but really boring things, and obviously I want to do fun things that are fun too! So, I would also like to challenge myself a bit more. That’s why, as I previously mentioned, I’m going on a short ski trip with my dad at the end of the month. This is pretty scary for me, since it’s been almost exactly 10 years since I last hit the slopes. Gross, I just wrote “hit the slopes,” who am I? Anyway, I’m cautiously optimistic that it’s going to be fun, and I’d also like to start doing other things I used to enjoy and haven’t done in a million years. Like skating! And swimming! And maybe I’ll do new things, too, like get a pedicure or learn how to cook one thing. Just one. Let’s not get crazy.

So what’s the theme here? I’m going to do good things that make me feel good! It’s vague enough that it should be hard to fail, and if I end up achieving even a couple positive things, I’ll be filled with feelings of success. Win-win.

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Blog flake

I’m already kind of embarrassed about blogging to begin with, but now it appears I’m stuck in a terrible spiral where I start a blog and then update it for a while and then I abandon it and start a new blog. Like, I had a personal blog that started getting too personal, so then I started this TV and movie blog but now I’m bored of only writing about TV and movies! Yep, I admit it, I’m a total blog flake.

Oh, right, I’m Alex, btw. HI! I’ve done way too many introductory posts, so if you don’t already know me, I’m a person and I like some things and I don’t like other things. You’ll figure out the rest, I’m sure.

Anyway, I’ve fallen prey to the allure of the January Fresh Start. Whenever a new year begins I want to start over. If I was disgustingly wealthy I would probably throw out all my clothes every year on Dec. 31 and buy an entirely new wardrobe. But I can’t do that, and also that would be really wasteful and stupid, so here is my new blog instead.

The thing is, I think 2013 is going to be a good year! Yes, I know, literally every person ever says that at the beginning of January. But seriously, I’m going skiing for the first time in a decade at the end of this month! My bff is getting married in October and I’m a bridesmaid in her wedding! I’m planning to watch AFI’s 100 Years…100 Movies because I have not seen many films that were made before, like, 1990 and that’s a travesty! I’m already having an exciting year – I got my eyebrows waxed for the first time ever and they look pretty good! There are going to be so many exclamation points this year!

Phew. In any case, I would like to write about those things – AND SO MUCH MORE – and that is why this blog exists. The name is a reference to Synecdoche, New York (the best movie, fyi) but it only sort of means anything, so don’t worry about it, it’s fine. Blogging! New year! It’s gonna be great until I lose interest and start a new blog. Yeah!

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